Publications and Presentations
  • Sheng Wu, Ping Xue, Neile Grayson, Jeffrey S. Bland, and Andrew Wolfe. Bitter Taste Receptor Ligand Improves Metabolic and Reproductive Functions in a Murine Model of PCOS, Endocrine Society, 2019 Read More
  • KinDex Pharmaceuticals Launches with $5 Million Series A Funding Led by Polaris Partners, 2014 Read More
  • Bland, J., Minich, D., Lerman, R., Darland, G., Lamb, J., Tripp, M., Grayson, N. Isohumulones from hops (Humulus lupulus) and their potential role in medical nutrition therapy, PharmaNutrition, 2015, 3, 46–52 Read More

A variety of resources are available to provide the latest scientific, clinical and technical information regarding PCOS for patients and professionals:

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